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Seminary Commission Visit
Seminary Commission Visit

Seminary Commission Visit | 25-02-2020
The seminary commission made a visit before the closing of the Academic year 2019-2020. The Commissioned Bishops met both the priests and seminarians. The commission also declared the new Authorities of the Seminary. The appointments are Fr. Sebastian Palamoottil as Rector, Fr. Vincent Kundukulam as Vice- Rector and Fr. Kurian Mukkamkuzhiyil as Procurator for up coming Academic Years. Fr. Jacob Chanikuzhy from our seminary community has been appointed as the Rector of Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kunnoth.

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Send Off Meeting

A send off meeting was organised at 7:30 pm at John Joseph Auditorium To bid farewell to service of Fr. Mathew Illathuparambil, Rector, Fr. Mathew Moonnattinmugham, Procurator, and to the Final year Philosophy batch.