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St.Joseph Pontifical Seminary

The Souvenir of the St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary is titled ‘Mangalapuzha’. It was formerly known as Caritas which was the annual souvenir of the undivided St Joseph Pontifical Seminary. After the division of seminaries on the basis of rites we took the name Mangalapuzha for our annual Souvenir. The souvenir is published every year and lets the people into the world of Theology, Philosophy and creativity. This is also the priceless memoirs of every academic years. Here one can find how the gracious God had led the future pastors to His wonders and love. As in the Holy Bible, may the words and deeds be spoken aloud to the world for the glory of God. Every year the Mangalapuzha seminary tells the world about her praiseworthy undertakings as a witness to the glory of God. All her dreams and achievements are comprised in this souvenir. This initiative is a window to the life and likes of this great home, Mangalapuzha!