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Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Theology
Degree of Bachelor of Theology

Duration: The Course leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Theology extends over seven semesters.
Eligibility: For admission to the course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Theology, a candidate should have completed successfully at least a two year course in Philosophy. The applicant should be presented by the Rector or the Superior of the house in which he is resident. Lay persons attending the course are presented by their parish priest.
Programme of Study The programme of study comprises Lecture Courses, Seminars, Electives and Dissertation. The Courses are divided into the following branches of Theology: Sacred Scripture, Fundamental and Systematic Theology, Moral Theology, Patrology, Church History, Liturgy, Spiritual Theology, Pastoral Theology, Canon Law and Optional Subjects.

  • I YEAR
  • 11 Year
  • Seminars and Electives
  • First Semester
  • Second Semester
Subjects Professors Credits
God of Salvation & Trinity Karakunnel G, R.B. Gregory 4
Revelation & Faith Pulickal S, R.B. Gregory 3
Pentateuch Anaparambil J, Variamattam M. 3
New Testament Background Mulloor J, Puthenpurackal C. 2
Hermeneutics Pamplany J, Prasad J. 2
Church History Ancient Ambadan R, Marottikaparambil F. 2
Introduction to Theology Panjirakaran S, R.B. Gregory 2
Liturgy Nariculam A. 2
Catechetics Alathara S, Kundukulam V. 2
Biblical Greek Puthenpurackal C, Kaithakottil J. 2
Methodology & Research Paper Nariculam A, Prasad J. 1
Subjects Professors Credits
Christology Panjikaran S, Puthenpurackal C 4
Fundamental Moral Theology Julian B, Mynatty H. 4
Synoptic Problem & Mark Puthenpurackal C, Naluparayil J. 3
Patristics Ambadan R, Kadeparambil A. 3
Church History Medieval Marottikaparambil F, Ambadan R. 2
Canon Law Jerman S, Thoompunkal J. 2
Indian Church History Marottikaparambil F, Ambadan R. 2
Biblical Hebrew Anaparambil J, Pamplany J. 2
Homiletics Kizhakkayil J, R.B. Gregory 2
Mariology Mundolickal P, Panakal J. 1
  • First Semester
  • Second Semester
Subjects Professors Credits
St. Paul Mulloor J, Prasad J. 4
Bio Ethics Julian B, Kallely A. 4
Social Ethics R.P. Vincent, Illathuparampil M. 3
Priestly Spirituality & Celibacy Puthenveettil A, Keeranpara F 3
Prophets Anaparambil J, Thondiparambil J. 3
Church History Modern Ambadan R, Marottikaparambil F 2
Gospel of Matthew Achandy Johnson, Puthenpurackal C. 2
Seminar I Kochurani A, Kuriedath J, Kadeparampil A, Paravila F.. 2
Subjects Professors Credits
Theological Anthropology Kundukulam V, R.B. Gregory 4
Johannine Writings Kurianal J, Prasad J. 4
Ecclesiology Karakunnel G, Pinheiro D. 4
Grace & Pneumatology Keeranpara F, Kadeparambil A. 3
Canon Law Jerman S, Thoompunkal J. 3
Church History Contemporary Ambadan R, Marottikaparambil F. 2
Liturgy Sr. Grace SABS, Rajadas G. 2
  • Seminar 1 : II Year for all
  • Seminar 2 : III Year for B.Th.
  • Elective 1 : III Year for all
  • Elective 2 : III Year for all
  • Elective 3 : IV Year for all
  • Elective 4 : IV Year for all
Cheruparambil T. - Spirituality of the Diocesan Priests
Kochupurackal M. - Inter Ecclesial Questions in CCEO & CIC
Puthenveettil A. - Mission Documents
Rajadas G. - Liturgical Documents
Karakunnel - Church and the World
Mundolickal P. - Human Qualities of Jesus, the Good Pastor
Keeranpara F. - Eco Theology
Mundolickal P. - Challenge of Pentacostalism
Christudas R. - Pastoral Theology of the Migrants
Kadeparambil A. - Monasticism
Christudas R. - Theology of Inculturation
Rajdas G. - Pastoral Liturgy
Kaithakottil J. - Kingdom of God: Jesus' vision of new society
Mulloor J. - Biblical & Pastoral Reading of Socio Political Issues Today
Christudas R. - Theology of the Laity
R.B. Gregory - Lay Ministries in the Church
Kadeparambil A. - Role of Laity in the Patristic Age
Njarackal T. - Pastoral Ministry & Management
Alappatt B. - Audio Visual Communication
Puthuva J. - Youth Ministry
Ambat A. - Legal Awareness in view of Pastoral Ministry
B.Th. Degree Course

To be eligible for degree course, students should obtain 60% marks in the aggregate of the subjects of the first and second year theology examinations. A written dissertation on a theological theme with a minimum of 6000 words directed by one of the teachers of the Faculty should be submitted by each student during the sixth semester. At the end of the course there will be comprehensive examinations both written and oral in the subject of Holy Scripture, Systematic Theology and Moral Theology. 50% marks are necessary for a pass in each of the comprehensive examinations.

Basic Course in Theology

The basic course in Theology coincides with the three and a half years of the first cycle of the Faculty. Basic Course students are exempted from Seminar II. However, they are to have some knowledge of the biblical languages. They have to write also a dissertation on a theological theme with a minimum of 3500 words directed by one of the teachers of the Faculty and submit it during the sixth semester. In order to secure a pass in the basic course a student should obtain 40% marks in individual subjects and 40% mark in final comprehensive examinations. Basic Course students who successfully complete the prescribed course in Theology may receive Diploma in Theology