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Ecumenical Dialogue

Church is the Body of Jesus Christ. This body cannot be replaced with anything else be it other religious sects or any new generation fellowship. In the pages of history, we may come across the church dmt divided into numerous sects, by people with distinct understanding of Christ and his Body. This might have portrayed the church in a bad light and as a divided entity on the basis of varying faith notions within itself. But the council documents and Vatican II wish that the Disciples of Christ be one, belonging to the same fold.

In the light of these teachings the concept of ecumenism began to spring up in the church in order to keep the Body of Christ united. Through Ecumenism, the doors are wide open to all toe Christian sects, so that, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we may be able to give a new vision. owaixls the unity among various Christian sects. Joining hands in the areas of social service can give apnmary motivation to this great endeavour.

In view of fervent measures to unite the Body of the Church, Mangalapuzha seminary makes a special note to conduct various Ecumenical activities on the campus. Accordingly, referring to the instruction of the Syro- Malabar Ecumenical Commission, Church unity Octave is celebrated in the seminary. There is an eight-day prayer service in the church and on the final day representatives from Orthodox, Jacobite and Protestant Churches gather for a prayer service which includes Bible reading, group songs and other readings. A prominent leader gives the message for about one and a half hours. The representatives express their fellowship by taking part in the Agape as well. Apart from the ecumenical gatherings, seminarians do get ample opportunities to engage in fellowship with the brothers from various sects.