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Love Revolution through Blood Donation

Seeing Jesus' face in our brethren and receiving inspiration from the motto 'Love Revolution through Blood Donation' a unit of 'All Kerala Blood Donors Forum' was inaugurated in St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary on 22 July 1992 under the leadership of Rev Dr Francis Alappat, and was named 'Sahrudaya'. It was officially inaugurated by Rev Mgr Joseph Etturuthil, then the Rector of Pontifical Institute. All the staff and students of this institute have been participating actively in this forum ever since.

In this modern world where the collective consciousness of a community becomes inactive, a member of 'Sahrudaya', after the word of Christ "whatever you do to the least of these brothers, you do unto me", takes up the challenges to follow Christ by serving his brother or sister in need. When blood donation has become the means to make money to some, a 'Sahrudaya' member becomes a model to all by his selfless and committed service to everyone irrespective of their caste and creed. This group venture in to the universal brotherhood and breaks forth all the barriers of caste and colour and proclaims the message of love and charity through their voluntary service.

Every year, through 'Sahrudaya', more than a hundred patients receive blood. 'Sahrudaya' Flourishes day by day, through the selfless service and cooperation of the staff and students of the institute.