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Master's Degree in Theology
Master's Degree in Theology
Courses of Specialization
Master's Degree in Spiritual Theology
Master's Degree in Systematic Theology
Master's Degree in Pastoral Theology and Counselling
Master's Degree in Biblical Theology
The student should hold a Bachelor's Degree in Theology from an Institute recognized by the Pontifical Institute. The course is open to Catholics and non-Catholics, men and women.
Letter of authorization/permission from the concerned Superior.
The language requirements:

a. Proficiency in English

b. Students should have done, if not, should do a basic course in Greek and Hebrew in the case of the first three courses of specialization.

Scope and Mode of the Course
The course is intended to provide the students with an in-depth grasp of the subjects of their specialization. This is also a comprehensive way of understanding theology through interdisciplinary research.
The students are expected to acquire methodological skills through guided research.
The courses are divided into Common Courses (CC), Courses of Specialization (ST/SP/PC), Book Reviews and Seminars (STS/SPS/PCS) and Electives (E).
The M.Th. programme is a four-semester course. One has to do 44 credits in all of courses, seminars and book reviews (1credit=16 school hours).

i) Ten credits from CC (Five Courses)

ii) Ten credits from specialization (Five Courses) (ST/SP/PC)

iii) Eight credits of Seminar (Two Seminars) (STS/SPS/PCS)

iv) Six credits from the Electives (Three Courses) (E). The electives can also be from courses of specialization.

v) Ten credits of Book Review (Ten Books)

The student will not be allowed to do more than 30 credits in the first year (in the first two semesters).
The topic for dissertation is chosen at the beginning of the III semester. It is to be approved by the Syndicate. If the dissertation is not submitted in 2 years from the date of approval, the process has to be repeated and the new approval is to be sought from the Syndicate.
Four copies of the dissertation should be submitted to the office at least 4 weeks before the final oral examination.
The dissertation shall be defended before a panel of examiners appointed by the Syndicate.
The student shall do the examination in individual courses according to the prescribed schedule and mode.
Before entering the final comprehensive examinations, the student must have passed all the examinations and have completed all other requirements.
The final comprehensive examinations for M.Th. Degree will be written and oral. Written Examination: The candidate submits 6 topics of which 3 are taken by lot at the time of examination and the candidate writes on one for a duration of 3 hours. Oral Examination: The candidate submits 18 topics from the subjects covered during the course. The Faculty chooses 10 topics out of this list and 3 Professors ask questions on these for 10 minutes each.
The defense of the dissertation is as follows: The candidate is given 20 minutes to expose the material. The director examines him/her for 20 minutes, the second reader for 15 minutes and the third reader 10 minutes. There is provision for questions also from the public for 5 minutes.
The final grading shall be based on the results of the courses, seminars, book reviews, the dissertation and the comprehensive examinations (written & oral) as given below:

Courses (1 point per credit) 26 points

Seminars 08 points

Evaluation of Literature (Book Review) 10 points

Comprehensive Written 15 points

Comprehensive Viva Voce 15 points

Dissertation 20 points

Defence 06 points

The dissertation carries hundred marks in all: eighty percent for the written work and twenty percent for the defence.
The candidate should pass in all the prescribed subjects, seminars, evaluation of literature, dissertation and final comprehensive examinations with a minimum of 60% marks.
Certificate of Master's Degree in Theology will be issued only after the verification of the aforesaid norms and conditions.
  • The Explanation of the Courses
  • Common Courses in Theology (CC)
  • Specialization in Systematic Theology (ST)
  • Specialization in Spiritual Theology (SP)
  • Specialization in Pastoral Theology & Counselling (PC)
  • Specialisation in Biblical Theology
  • Seminars
  • Electives

The student will have to choose five courses from below. The parenthesis stands for the obligatory courses for the individual field of specialization. Those courses should not be left out from the concerned student's curriculum.

CC 101 The History and Development of Theology (ST) Karakunnel G.
CC 102 The Study of Sacred Scripture down through the Thondiparambil J. Centuries: Aspects and Methods
CC 103 Spirituality as Life in the Spirit (SP) Vattakuzhy E.
CC 104 The Mystery of the Church and Communion (ST) R.B. Gregory
CC 105 The Sacraments and the Divinization of the World (SP) Thoppil A.
CC 106 Catholic Theology of Religions (ST) Kundukulam V.
CC 107 Theology of Mission and Evangelization and Inculturation Kundukulam V.
CC 108 Schools and Principles of Counselling (PC) Manalel G.
CC 109 Ethical Challenges of Presentday Bio-Medical Technology (ST) Julian B.
CC 110 Pauline Spirituality: Key Concepts and Recent Trends Maleparambil J.
ST 101 Man and His Problems in the Light of Christ Karakunnel G.
ST 102 Modern Trends in Theology Karakunnel G.
ST 103 Church as the Mystery of Communion R.B. Gregory
ST 104 The concept of "Ebed Yahweh" in Isaiah Mulloor J.
ST 105 Theology of the Word of God and Biblical Theologies Anaparambil J.
ST 106 Postmodernism and Religion Kundukulam V.
ST 107 Christology in the Asian Context Panjikaran S.
ST 108 Theology of Ministry and Leadership in the Church R.B. Gregory
ST 109 Concept of Sin and Salvation in Indian Philosophy and in Christianity Julian B.
ST 110 Milestones in the History of Moral Theology Illathuparampil M.
ST 111 Contemporary Issues in Sacramental Theology Pulickal S.
ST 112 The Theology of Presence in the Book of Exodus Mayyattil J.
ST 113 Theology & Communication Palakeel J.
ST 114 Ecclesiology: Vatican II and After Karakunnel G.
SP 101 Spirituality of I Peter Prasad J.
SP 102 Ecological Concerns in Theology Keeranpara F.
SP 103 Models of Biblical Spirituality Anaparambil J.
SP 104 Life in the Spirit according to the Letter to the Romans Prasad J.
SP 105 Liturgical Spirituality Nariculam A.
SP 106 Holy Spirit and the Renewal of the Contemporary Church Mundolickal P.
SP 107 Foundations of Spirituality: Indian and Christian Vattakuzhy E.
SP 108 History and Development of Christian Spirituality Keeranpara F.
SP 109 Socio-Political Reading of the New Testament Today Mulloor J.
SP 110 Prayer and Mysticism in the Catholic Tradition Mundolickal P.
PC 101 Biblical Texts as Models for Pastoral Praxis Mulloor A.
PC 102 Prophetic concern for Social Justice Thondiparambil A.
PC 103 Pastoral Ecclesiology of the Vatican II Karakunnel G.
PC 104 Towards an Ecclesiology for the Ecumenical Age Gregory R.B.
PC 105 Moral Theology Today Mynatty H.
PC 106 Parish as Liturgical Community Thoppil A.
PC 107 Marriage and Family Counselling Vinaya CHF
PC 108 Laity in the Mission of the Church Today Netto T.
PC 109 Youth Ministry and Counselling Manalel G.
PC 110 The Role of the Women in Church and in Society Kallani J.
PC 111 Pastoral Ministry Today Peter V.K.
PC 112 Christian Leadership Gregory R.B.
Semester 1
BT 101 Biblical Greek I Prasad J.
BT 102 Biblical Hebrew I Kaithakottil J.
BTB 103 Exegetical Methods and Tools Naluparayil J.
BTB 104 Ancient Israel - Its Life and Institutions Anaparambil J.
BTB 105 The History, Archaeology and Geography of Israel Kaithakottil J.
BT 106 Modern Language - German I Mundolickal P.
Semester 2
BT 107 Biblical Greek II Prasad J.
BT 108 Biblical Hebrew II Kaithakottil J.
BT 109 Modern Language - German II Mundolickal P.
BTB 110 Interpretation of Bible in the Church Thondiparambil J.
BTE 111 Selected Texts from Jeremiah Variamattam M.
Semester 3
BT 112 Biblical Greek III Prasad J.
BT 113 Biblical Hebrew III Kaithakottil J.
BTE 114 Selected Texts from John Therath A.
BTE 115 Social Themes in Luke Acts Thayyil P.
BTE 116 Romans 5 - 8 Prasad J.
BTE 117 Rhetorical Analysis of Galatians Maleparambil J.
Semester 4
BTE 118 Selected Texts from Hebrews Kurianal J.
BTS 119 Theology of Psalms Anaparambil J. (Seminar)
BTE 120 Prophets and Social Justice Thondiparambil J.
BTS 121 Selected Texts from the Book of Revelation Kurianal J. (Seminar)
BTE 122 Selected Texts from Qoheleth Thekkekara D.
BTS 123 Selected Psalms Mayyattil J. (Seminar)
BTS 124 Household codes in the NT Prasad J. (Seminar)
BTE 125 Sabbath in Jewish and Christian Tradition Anaparambil J.
BTE 126 Infancy Narratives in Luke: An Exegetical Study Mulloor J.
BTE 127 Selected Texts from St. Paul Kaithakottil J.
44 Credits in all: Biblical Languages (6 x 2) - 12 Credits
Background courses (3 x 2) - 06 Credits
Seminars (2 x 2) - 04 Credits
Exegetical Courses (9 x 2) - 18 Credits
Book Review (4 Books) - 04 Credits
Systematic Theology
STS 101 Church and the World Karakunnel G.
STS 102 Theology of Psalms Kaithakottil J.
STS 103 Inter-Religious Dialogue Kanichai C.
STS 104 Biblical Models in Ecclesiology Rebeiro M.
STS 105 Uniqueness of Christ Kundukulam V.
STS 106 Sex, Gender, Ethics Illathuparampil M.
SPS 101 Pastoral Charity according to Pastores Dabo Vobis Cheruparambil T.
SPS 102 Priestly Ministry and Spirituality Keeranpara F.
SPS 103 Spirituality of Thomas Merton Vattakuzhy E.
SPS 104 Perspectives in the Sacraments of Initiation Pulprayil S.
Pastoral Theology and Counseling
PCS 102 Skills in Pastoral Counselling Manalel A.
PCS 103 Personal Laws, especially of Christian Marriage,
Divorce, Succession and Adoption Kudiamssery X.
PCS 104 Evangelization through Mass Media Edappilly J.
E 101 Religious Life and Pastoral Ministry Kanichai C.
E 102 Social Concern in Luke Thayyil P.
E 103 The Ecclesial Dimension of the Christian Spirituality Karakunnel G.
E 104 A Christian Critique of Advaita Religious Vision Vallooran A.
E 105 Psychological Insights into Spirituality Manalel G.
E 106 Pastoral Ecclesiology in the Context of Kerala Karakunnel G.
E 107 Feminist Theology Kallani J.
E 108 Word Proclaimed and Celebrated in the Liturgy Thoppil A.
E 109 Pastoral Understanding of the Prophets: Selected Texts from Isaiah Anaparambil J.
E 110 Theology of the Family Mundolickal P.
E 111 Christian Humanism Njarakunnel G.

1. The courses are divided into regular classes and seminars.

2. The two credits courses carry 40 marks. The duration is 32 school hours. (=24 full hours) inclusive of lectures and personal work.

3. The courses will be organized in Carmelgiri and Mangalapuzha Campuses