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The Institute for Home Studies (IHS) was founded in Mangalapuzha seminary in 1957 by the servant of God, Rev. Fr. Zacharias O.C.D, for bringing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our non-Christian brothers.

Every religion has its own faith and beliefs which provide a partial presentation of the absolute truth. True religiosity lies in accepting the fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of man. Since the dignity and existence of man are deep-rooted and made perfect in God, it is quite natural to acknowledge and adore Him. This idea gave inspiration to ft- Zacharias O.C. D to form an institute to help others know about Jesus and his message.

At the beginning of every year an advertisement about I. H.S is published in any one of the periodicals and candidates are offered a course on Christianity tree of the cost.

Every year 3-December I.H.S conducts a meeting to promote religious harmony and a non-Christian believer is invited to speak on the occasion.