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Mission Day Celebration
Mission Day Celebration

Mission Day Celebration | 24-10-2019
On 24th of October, 2019 Mission day was celebrated with great vigour and vitality at Mangalapuzha seminary, being the Extraordinary Mission Month. The main objectives of the day were to renew and increase the missionary zeal in the hearts of the seminarians and also to collect an amount of money to help our missionaries in their works. The day began with the celebration of the Holy Qurbana and the main celebrant was Rev. Fr. Thomas Thekkekarott MST, the Superior of Mandya mission province. He gave an inspiring homily on how to cultivate the missionary zeal in ourselves and various ways to participate in the mission activities of the church. Thereafter, we had mission experience sharing by two sisters, Sr. Josy CMC and Sr. Shalini CMC. After this many activities and games were conducted by the second year theologians with the cause of supporting the missionaries economically. The day was filled with various other mission oriented programmes such as quiz competition, auction, thattukada etc.

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