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Inauguration of the new academic year
Inauguration of the new academic year

Inauguration of the new academic year | 03-06-2019
The inauguration of the new academic year 2019-2020 of the Pontifical Institute of Alwaye (PIA) was held on 03/06/2019 Monday. The programme started with the con-celebrated Holy Qurbana for which His Beatitude Mar George Cardinal Alencherry was the main celebrant. All the professors and students from both Carmelgiri and Mangalapuzha campuses were present in the Qurbana and also in the following inaugural meeting. The meeting started at 11.00 am with the lighting of the lamp. Dr. Tomy Paul Kakkattuthadathil, President of PIA, welcomed all to the gathering. H. B. Mar George Cardinal Alencherry was the president of the meeting. Rev. Dr. Paul Komban, one of the professors of PIA made the Lectio Brevis of this academic year, titled, "Harmony as the Basis of True Knowledge: An Indian Epistemological Perspective." Deans of the respecitve faculties of Philosophy and Theology declared the results of the past year. The bulletin of the year and a book named, "സംഘപരിവാർ- ചരിത്രം, ദർശനം, നയങ്ങൾ " written by Rev. Dr. Vincent Kundukulam, one of the professors of the institute were also published during the progrmme. The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Rev. Dr. Joy Arackal, Vice-president of PIA.

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