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Seminary Closes for Summer Vacation
Seminary Closes for Summer Vacation

Seminary Closes for Summer Vacation | 14-03-2019
The seminary is closing today for the long summer vacation of the academic year 2018-2019. There was a concelebrated Holy Qurbana in the morning in thanking God for all the blessings we have received this year and also in order to pray for those who celebrate their feast on March 19, feast of St. Joseph. At 12.30 pm the community gathered in the main chapel to sing the Lak Alaha to thank Lord for all the blessings and this ceremony presided by V. Rev. Fr. Rector marks the end of the semester and the beginning of holidays. The seminary will be reopened by 31st May. The important dates to note with regard to the reopening are as follows:

May 25: Arrival of first year Theology students
May 26: Initiation programme and retreat for the first year Theology students begin
May 26: Retreat for second year Theology students at Dhoni, Palakkad begins
May 28: First year Philosophy students arrive
May 29: Initiation programme for first year philosophy students, Retreat ends
May 30: Common initiation programme for first year Philosophy and Theology students
May 31: Whole community returns

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