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Music Night: Beyond the Beats
Music Night: Beyond the Beats

Music Night: Beyond the Beats | 09-02-2019
Music Night 'Beyond the Beats' of the year 2018-2019 was conducted on 09th February 2019 Saturday. Music Night is the programme conducted by the 'Mangalapuzha Choir' every year. The programme was worth to be noted for the variety of songs sung. One of the main attractions was Capella by the whole choir. Their were a variety of songs including both melody and rocking songs. The programme was the result of joint effort by the choir members under the leadership of the director and choir leaders. The current director of the choir is Rev. Dr. Paul Komban and the choir masters are Bro. Stephin Valliyil and Bro. Jacobkutty Kalathiveettilchirayil. We congratulate dear father and all the choir members for such a wonderful presentation.

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Send Off Meeting

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