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V. Rev. Dr. George Oliapuram - ‘Vaidikaratnam Award’
V. Rev. Dr. George Oliapuram - ‘Vaidikaratnam Award’

V. Rev. Dr. George Oliapuram - ‘Vaidikaratnam Award’ | 18-01-2019
V. Rev. Dr. George Oliapuram, former Rector of the Seminary (1994-2000) and the former President of the Pontifical Institute Alwaye (1994-1997), have awarded the ‘Vaidikaratnam’ by the Syro Malabar Catholic Church on 18th January 2019. He currently serves as the Proto-Syncellus of the diocese of Kothamangalam. The Vaidikaratnam is the award given to the priests who have offered exemplary services for the Church. The seminary community extends to greetings to him on this award.

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