Mangalapuzha Seminary Literary and Arts association is an organization intended tor the integral development of the seminarians through literary and cultural activities. It functions in both the sections, namely, Philosophy and Theology, of the seminary under the guidance of Rev Frs. Kurian Thadathil and Joyce Kaithakottil. In the Philosophy section, MSLA functions through five different forums and cliss academies. All forums are conducted on Sunday mornings and academies during Friday afternoons.

Quiz Forum:
The Quiz forum under the guidance of Rev Fr Sebastian Palamoottil conducts quiz on various topics including scripture, church history, general knowledge etc. and prizes are distributed to the best teams. Annually the forum has been conducting inter-Seminary Mahajubilee Quiz Competition since 2000. Cash awards are provided for the best three teams.

Writers' Forum:
The aim of this forum is to generate up and nature literary aptitude of seminarians through stories, poetry etc. Rev Fr Abraham Thonipara gives leadership to the forum.

English Forum:
The English forum,under the guidance of Rev Fr Philips Wadakekalam provides training in reading, listening and speaking to seminarians towards better handling of the English language.

Speakers Forum:
Speaker's forum drills the students in rhetoric through elocution, extempore speeches, debates etc. Rev Fr Kurian Thadathil gives the direction to the members of the forum.

Bible Forum:
This is a newly created forum which gives special focus tb the study of scripture using audio visual facilities in accordance with the guidance of Rev Fr Joseph Thondiparambil.

Class Academy
Class Academies are mainly intended for the individual development through group activities, fn academies students perform various cultural programmes based on specific themes and prizes are provided for the best. In brief, MSLA has a commendable share in the literary and cultural formation of the seminarians