Caritas Social Service

Inspired by the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the philosophy students of Mangalapuzha started to organize a social group named Caritas. The vey name caritas reflects the nature of this group. It's a mission to share the love of Jesus with the deprived and oppressed. The gospel of Luke we read "on the way to Jerusalem, Jesus was passing along the border between Samaria and Galilee and then he entered a village, where he found ten lepers" (Lk 17:11). Jesus was in his journey to Jerusalem, and in between he makes himself enter into the villages. And in these villages he confronts with the poor, oppressed, the depressed, the lepers the needy and people of all sorts of pains and miseries. The philosophy students in their journey to priesthood allow themselves to these villages and share the same of Jesus. They acquire and imbibe the love of Jesus from their daily Holy Qurbana, the mystery of Love. They carried out this mission in different places.

Old age home Chunanganveli
On every Thursdays and Sundays we visit this old-age home run by SD sisters. We come across parents who are left alone in their old age by their own beloved children. We spend time with them by listening to them and helping the inmates to shave their faces and to crop their hair. During Christmas we perform cultural programme, which make the inmate pleasant and cheerful.

Government Hospital Aluva.
The visit to the government hospital is always memorable experience for us. For some reason it is a bit difficult to adjust to the situation. But once adjusted, it will be nice experience. We visit different wards in the hospital and console the patients towards a quicker healing.

CM colony
As a part of the human formation we visit the houses in the CM colony. We visit mainly those who are sick, suffering and economically backward on every Thursdays and Sundays. They feel free to share their problems with us. As part of Onam and Christmas celebrations we share with them onamkit and Christmas gifts.

Sneha Bhavan Pookattupady
Sneha Bhavan is run by MC sisters especially for the lonely parents, orphan, the mentally retarded ladies. The seminarians, during their visit, listen to them, share their life in the seminary. On festive occasions perform cultural programme. The presences of the brothers make them feel that they have someone to listen to them and they are not orphans.

Leprosy hospital, Koratty
The leprosy hospital at Koratty is run by the government. There are about 400 patients with separate wards for gents and ladies. We pay visit to those in wards and also to those who live in families after they are cured. The words of the brothers console the patients who are kept aside from the common society. In all the above centers we listen to the inmates, pray with them and pray for them. Every brother of the philosophy section is attached to one of the cents of the caritas social service which help them in their future ministry The financial needs are met through the Poor Man's Fund and the saving from brothers fasting on Fridays, hair cutting, sale agricultural products and also from the shop Chakara run by the seminarians