Sevana Social Group

To bring the people who are working hard and carrying the burden of life in the shadow of the Saving Cross, a group of young brothers, who are the working instruments in the hand of God, formed a group called Sevana Social Group. This group aims at a pilgrimage through new paths in search of God. House visit, Tuition, Snehakoodu, Chakara Stores, Onam Celebration, etc are the various ways through which Sevana fulfils its goal.

House Visiting
Every Saturday, from 2.30pm to 5.30pm, brothers in small groups, visit houses. They talk to them and listen to them. On an average about 300 houses will be covered during the span of one year.

Tuition Programme
To make the future generation strong and bold in religious values, every Saturday tuition classes are given to students from Std. I to Std. X, in the Madhavapuram Colony. Along with the studies, special classes on personality development, which include games and cultural activities, are conducted. Study materials are provided for the children by Sevana itself.

In Aluva, there is an orphanage, named Snehakoodu, where the brothers visit the children They engage classes as well as entertain them by being and playing with them.

Onam Celebration
Every year, the Sevana organizes Onam programmes for the residents of madhavapurar colony. Various traditional games as well as cultural competitions are conducted which creal an atmosphere of festival in the village. As a symbol of fellowship the brothers distribul Payasam, prepared by them, to all present. This invariably creates a right atmosphere for dialogue and sharing.

New Year Celebration
To draw out the talents in the children, various programmes and competitions are conduct* in which the chi Idren get a lot of opportunities to express themselves. And this is appreciati by the whole colony and the residents take part in them in large numbers. Sweets a distributed at the end of the programmes.

Football Match
Youth and children from Madhavaputam colony as well as well as from Senahakoodu come to the seminary campus once a year to share their joy with the seminarians. A friendly football match with the seminary team is conducted on that day.

Chakara Stores
It is the thakara stores that support the Sevana group financially. Every year Chakara provides the group with Rs. 5000 as well as some provisions to be used during the ministry.

Medical Care
Sevana social group also helps the sick people by providing them with financial aid. Apart from it the brothers donate blood free of Cost for anyone who is in need of assistance. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the group collected Rs. 10,140 from the seminarians in crrder to help a child named Benson, who had to undergo Kidney Transplantation. The brothers also donated 10 bottles of blood for the operation.

In the printing and publishing Apostolate in Kerala, S. H. League has carved out a niche for itself. Established on 15 October 1920 on the feast of St. Theresa of Avila, the first initiative in Catholic book publishing was taken by the servant of God. Fr Zacharias CCD himself Originally named "Sacred Heart Conversion League", it was rechristened "S.H League to bid goodbye to the "Conversion" element in the title. .. |B i Pf^ Today the central activity of S.H. League is a bookstall that makes available books of different publishing houses. The diary published every year under the name "Good News Diary" attracts attention from many parts of Kerala, During the month of June and My Book Exhibitions render handy the treasure house of wisdom and knowledge for thousands outside Kerala. People pouring into the bookstall also provide opportunity for interaction with the world outside. Thus S.H. League makes silent but commendable contribution in the field of Unmatkm too. Under the able guidance of Rev Fr Joseph Thondiparambil, establishment is poised to scale greater heights.